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  • Rapid Prototyping (RP) can be defined as a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly using three-dimensional(3D) data. These techniques include CNC, SLA, RIM, Rapid Vacuum Casting, etc. Thanks to the latest rapid prototyping technologies, we can create a three-dimensional model that brings your vision to life, quickly and cost-effectively. After a quick machine fabrication of the models, our expert finishers use traditional skills and techniques to provide any necessary detailing.


►  Electronics

►  Medical Device

►  Telecommunications

►  Automotive or Transportation

►  Electrical Appliances

►  Computer

►  Industrial Equipment

►  Many more



►  ABS-(Natural/Black/Flame Retardant)

►  PC/Polycarbonate-(Clear/Black)

►  ABS+PC-(Clear/Black)

►  PMMA/Acrylic-(Clear/Black)

►  PP/Polypropylene-(Nature/Black/20% GF) 

►  POM/Acetal/Delrin-(Black/White)

►  PPS/Polyphenylene sulfide

►  PVC/Polyvinyl chloride(White/Gray)

►  PTFE/Polytetrafluoroethylene

►  PEEK/Polyether ether ketone

►  Epoxy Tooling board


►  Aluminum-(6061/7075)

►  Brass-Yellow

►  Copper-Red

►  Magnesium                                                              

►  Zinc                                 

►  Stainless Steel

►  Many more


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    • Our advantages are to produce prototypes & low quantity productions, Including CNC,3D printing, sheet metal Casting, silicone mold making, RIM(reaction injection mold), and Full assembling. covers an area of 1500 square meters, 50 skilled technicians,12 CNC machines

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