• Silicone Mold & vacuum casting
  • Vacuum Casting can be used to closely simulate final injection-molded parts and/or finished products quickly and inexpensively without the investment in metal tooling. Casting parts and/or finished products can be completed and delivered in days after completing SRM tooling(silicone rubber molds),and dozens of short runs can be delivered within weeks in most instances. Silicone molds are universally used in vacuum casting manufacturing. Silicone molds are featured by high tenacity and often used to make plastic parts with complicate structures, intricate surface and stable measurement. They are extremely ideal for performing low volume production. By reviewing vacuum casting process, we learn that silicone mold serves as a bridge between the original master model and the end products. The basis of turning out highly simulated parts is to ensure that their silicone molds are produced and preserved in perfect condition. Thus low volume production can be realized.


►  Rapid Manufacturing/Short Production Runs

►  Industrial Design Models

►  Visual Models & Aesthetic Models

►  Color and texture studies

►  Engineering Proof of Concept Models

►  Performance Evaluation and Testing Models

►  Engineering Check Models(Design Verification)

►  Product Photo Models

►  Sales Samples

►  Market Study Models

►  Customer Evaluation

►  Display Models & Exhibit Models

  And much more + small quantity of finished products




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    • Our advantages are to produce prototypes & low quantity productions, Including CNC,3D printing, sheet metal Casting, silicone mold making, RIM(reaction injection mold), and Full assembling. covers an area of 1500 square meters, 50 skilled technicians,12 CNC machines

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