• SLA is still one of the most widely used Rapid Prototyping Service Technology in the industry. It boasts of high efficiency and nearly 100% material usage rate. Because it can make extreme high precision prototypes, it’s often used to produce complicated and intricate objects like electronic and mechanical components, jewelry, art-ware, etc. Our engineering staff is here to help you not only ensure your parts for most accurate molding practices but also decide the most economical way to prototype. We offer different solutions to suit your prototyping needs.



 Medical Device


 Automotive or Transportation

 Electrical Appliances


 Industrial Equipment

 Many more


 Photopolymer  Resin


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    • Our advantages are to produce prototypes & low quantity productions, Including CNC,3D printing, sheet metal Casting, silicone mold making, RIM(reaction injection mold), and Full assembling. covers an area of 1500 square meters, 50 skilled technicians,12 CNC machines

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